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Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg

Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg

Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg


Dr. Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg is chief financial officer (CFO) and co-managing director at everphone. Within this role she is responsible for the phone-as-a-service provider’s areas of accounting, controlling, data, refinancing and legal. Veronika is a proven expert for digital finance and asset-based financing and has years of experience in the area of fleet lending. Before joining everphone, she as a Doctor of Law worked for the British online second-hand vehicle dealer Cazoo. Here, as the manager of the legal and finance department, she he was responsible for the expansion of the company into European markets on a legal and financial level. The acquisition of the auto-as-a-service provider Cluno, which she had previously led as CFO and managing director, is what led to her joining Cazoo. From 2014 to 2018, Veronika was a commercial manager and authorized signatory for TraXall Germany, a provider for sustainable management of fleets and mobility. She co-founded the service provider Hannover Leasing Automotive GmbH, where she was responsible for risk management. Her career began as an associate at McKinsey. Veronika studied law and economics in Augsburg. She also has an MBA in general management from the University of Dayton and received her doctorate in international capital market law at the University of Augsburg.

Represented in the following tracks at the next event:

Represented in the following tracks at the Accounting Summit:

  • 2023 MAIN STAGE: Impact Accounting - how Accounting can be sustainable
  • 2022 MAIN STAGE: Experts panel Digitization in Accounting

  • 2021 MAIN STAGE: Risk Management in Accounting

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