20th and 21st September 2022 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Jörg Schumacher

Jörg Schumacher

Jörg Schumacher

Accounting Summit Moderation

Jörg Schumacher is a communications professional from the bottom up. As a graduate of the Springer School of Journalism, he worked at BILD for eleven years, amongst other things as deputy head of news. After five years as a journal maker and editor-in-chief in the Bauer Media Group for various titles, he became the editor-in-chief of the national city magazine PRINZ. Jörg Schumacher has been working as a media consultant for online and print products, as a moderator and as a speaker since 2011.

The communications expert has accompanied companies and foundations through difficult phases of change. He realized how people can gain a new perspective on the situation by taking a step back and using humor, because he is also successful as a comedian.